What is LipSense?

Have you ever been out having fun and someone pulls you aside to tell you there’s lipstick on your teeth? Yeah… me too. As a matter of fact, it happened at my wedding and I couldn’t get it off!! Seriously, the worst place to have lipstick on your teeth is at your wedding! This, among many other reasons, is why I NEVER used to wear lipstick. Like, never ever.

I really wish I had known about LipSense before my wedding! It would have saved me so much time trying to get lipstick out of my teeth and being self-conscious the whole time hoping it wasn’t on my teeth again. I was so afraid I would have lipstick teeth in my wedding photos! I actually was recently looking back at my wedding photos and realized I only had lipstick on during the ceremony! It was completely gone by the time the reception started!

If I had known about LipSense, I would have been so much more relaxed and confident knowing that my lips looked as fabulous as the rest of me did!

So, what is LipSense anyway?

LipSense is a long lasting, 4 to 18 hour (or more), lipstick. It doesn’t bleed, transfer, feather, or smudge. It’s waterproof, kiss-proof, and as I like to call it, life-proof! Because seriously…. anything life throws my way, my lipstick deflects it like a master Jedi’s lightsabor! Ok sorry, yeah I’m a bit of a nerd. 😉


The way it works is with 3 layers. Each layer adds another element of protection. Check out the image to see what each layer does. Then, you top it all off with one of the SeneGence Glosses. Glossy Gloss is the most common gloss because it’s the most moisturizing. It is packed full of vitamin E and shea butter which your lips LOVE. Really, they just drink that stuff up. This keeps your lips healthy, moisturized, and kissable! The gloss also adds even MORE protection to your color to keep it lasting and looking perfect all day!

I’ve worn LipSense while swimming in a chlorine filled pool and it didn’t budge or even fade! It lasts during eating, drinking (even alcohol!), talking too much, sleeping, and even showering! Yes, I have showered with LipSense on AND washed my face and my LipSense was still perfect! I’ve forgotten, probably too many times, to take my makeup off before bed and my LipSense as well as my other SeneGence makeup still looked perfect.

So, how do I get it off?! This is probably the most common question I get when I first introduce LipSense to a LipSense virgin. Well, you don’t. It’s going to stay there for the rest of your life… KIDDING!! It’s actually really easy to remove when you are deliberately trying to. You can just use Ooops! Remover, which smells like cupcakes if I do say so myself. You can also just use some coconut oil but this method will take a bit more scrubbing.

Don’t believe that LipSense lasts and will make you feel FABULOUS?? Try it for yourself! Go to my Contact page, see me on Facebook at Lips of a Goddess, or email me at lipsofagoddess@yahoo.com.

Stay Sexy!

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