When you sell LipSense, you get to buy cool gadgets!

Around the time I signed up with SeneGence, I upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S7. I was super excited because my old phone was starting to get really slow. I was even more excited when I got to do my first Facebook Live video with my new Samsung Galaxy S7! Until I actually did the live video…

I was super bummed! This phones front facing camera totally sucks! It focuses on the background leaving me and any item I show super blurry. I tried to take selfies of the cool lip colors I put on but it was so blurry you could barely see the true color.

So… after only having this phone for a few months, I just paid it off and ordered a new one. PAID FOR by my profit from selling LipSense! How freaking cool is that?!

I’m also super excited to do more lives and tutorials because I just bought a backdrop stand, a ton of cool backdrops, a new ring light, and a new diffuser for my video camera light. I’m going to have the most awesome video setup! I cannot wait to make tutorials for you all!

I’m not trying to brag but… okay, maybe I am. In all honesty though I am personally amazing that I’m able to pay for all of this solely with the profit from LipSense, not to mention still being able to buy more stock with that profit. Ya’ll I don’t even have a downline yet and I have to say that I’m kinda killin’ it!

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Stay tuned for some super crisp, well lighted videos with some bad-ass backdrops!

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