How To Apply LipSense

When you’re new to LipSense, you might be a little confused on how to apply it correctly. Since it is quite a bit different than applying other lipsticks, it has a bit of a learning curve. If your LipSense isn’t lasting as long as it should, cracking or flaking, or isn’t even in color, you might not be applying it correctly.

I have created the below detailed “How to Apply LipSense” video and will list the steps here. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

  1. Shake, Shake, SHAKE!
    • Shaking your LipSense is very important. The pigments in LipSense can separate from the other ingredients. In order for the color to apply evenly, you need to shake it up to distribute the pigment. When you receive a new tube of LipSense, shake it for at least 30 seconds and shake it every time you use it.
  2. Clean your lips.
    • Cleaning your lips allows the color to stick to your lips instead of any makeup, oils, food, drink, etc. that may be on your lips. This allows the color to last throughout the day.
  3. Apply in smooth even strokes in one direction.
    • Do not apply in a back and forth motion. Apply smooth even strokes and always go in the same direction.
  4. Three THIN layers.
    • When I say thin I mean THIN! When you pull the applicator out of the tube, wipe all the excess product off the applicator back into the tube. You do NOT want to just pile the color on.
  5. Let it dry between layers.
    • Apply one thin layer, let it dry for about 10 seconds or so, apply the second thin layer, let it dry, apply the final thin layer, let it dry, apply gloss, and ROCK THOSE LIPS! After applying the first layer, you might feel like you aren’t using enough product but don’t worry! You are! After the third layer you should have a beautiful, even colored lipstick that will outlast whatever shenanigans you get into that day.
  6. Gloss it up!
    • After the third lay, apply a generous layer of gloss. The gloss just seals your color and ensure it lasts you 4 to 18 hours. If you are new to LipSense, I recommend using Glossy Gloss at least until you are done with your exfoliation period. It is full of vitamin E and shea butter which your lips love! Your lips will be so healthy!

I often get told “that’s too much work just for some lipstick.” Girl, let me tell you! I am a fairly low maintenance person and I’m not going to lie, I’m often lazy when it comes to makeup. Once you get the application down, it really isn’t as much work as it sounds. Plus, a few minutes for application compared to a full day of awesome poppin’ lips is totally worth it. Not to mention the confidence and compliments those few minutes will give you!

Stay Sexy!

Kayla T.

Lips of a Goddess

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